there are over 500,000 SMEs and micro SMEs in the UAE who will come under the VAT net and therefore need to be ready to handle VAT Compliant. SMEs are confused as to how to move forward and get their house in order to comply with VAT.

FTA (Federal Tax Authority) have clearly mandated that all companies need to keep proper books of accounts.

Alfasl make bookkeeping simple and easy managing your accounts, VAT Complaint, saving expenses and keep penalties away.


Our high skilled team of bookkeepers will help you bookkeeping and handling your accounts the right way. They expertise to enable you to follow proper way to find out your financial situation. Our bookkeepers will guide you how to use all your tools and get the most benefits from all the analytics which will help you make better decisions.



We commence our consultation with an understanding of the business and the operating laws and regulations. Our consultations provide a true and a fair view of the business financial situation. Our goal is to control the risks. We evaluate the cost of opportunities to keep the maximum benefits. We provide taxation advices and guidance, accordance with the Tax Law and regulations.

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